About Brokers Facilities Corp.


About Brokers Facilities Corp.

Brokers Facilities Corp. was founded in 1969. Originally, the company provided excess and surplus product lines to a small number of brokers. Initial facilities offered by BFC included markets for small property risks and auto physical damage. BFC catered to brokers in the state of New York. There were a great many agencies of this type writing main street small E & S lines.

Most wholesale operations are either excess and surplus or specialty line brokers only. Today BFC is a managing agent and wholesaler representing numerous admitted A-rated stock and mutual companies in many states as well as a full complement of excess and surplus and specialty carriers.

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Few wholesalers in the state of New York are so diversified.

Furthermore, BFC offers a complete product line for main street and larger accounts, from packages to workers compensation, commercial auto and umbrellas, monoline casualty or monoline property products and also miscellaneous professional. Thus we offer all coverage required by an insured through competitive and responsive markets.
The following elements embody our fundamental business philosophy:
1. A positive stimulating environment where we enjoy doing business every day.
2. A clear articulation of our products and service promises. Clear communication is the most important aspect in doing business.
3. Setting and achieving goals – Be better today than we were yesterday. Continually developing the fundamentals will hasten improved results.
4. Work together – our employees, brokers and companies are all part of our team. We must resolve issues, establish procedures and strive to develop business together.

We invite you to “partner” with us. Working together we will increase your writings with us. We can assist you by helping you to understand our capabilities. We take our responsibility to communicate with you seriously. Our courteous and responsive staff, along with this website and your partnership, will enable your office to flourish with BFC. We look forward to working with you and making this year our best ever.

Jeffrey Rumsky